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Acne scars

Picking or squeezing pimples can cause acne scars. 

With moderate to severe acne, damage to the surface and underlying layers of the skin can be extensive and result in flat or thick raised scars, discolouration and pitted, indented skin.

Some acne scars improve over time, others remain unchanged and some can continue to worsen with time. While some scars can be disguised with makeup, scars can remain a permanent reminder of previous acne.

If there is a family history of acne scars, early treatment and review by a dermatologist should be considered. Acne scars can be prevented with early, effective treatment of moderate to severe acne.

Different scars require different treatments. Some of the treatment options for scarring include skin resurfacing, laser treatments, injectable fillers or implants, steroids and in severe cases, surgery.

Lasers have largely replaced earlier resurfacing techniques such as chemical peels and dermabrasion for acne scarring. Different scars require different treatments so speak to your dermatologist about the most appropriate option. Lasers and lights can also be used to treat acne but there is not enough evidence that these therapies are an effective treatment for acne in the long-term. Cost is also a consideration as multiple treatments are usually required.

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