Pimples suck!

"I remember that I first got pimples when I was 14 years old. It felt really ugly.”

Although I have never really had bad acne, I always seem to get pimples (especially whiteheads) just before my period.  

I am currently in year 12, studying for my HSC and I find that my acne gets worse just before exams, when I am feeling a bit more stressed. 

I sometimes work part time in fast food outlets, which requires preparing greasy foods. This seems to also lead to an outbreak of pimples on my skin. 

Getting pimples can be really embarrassing, even though I know it is all pretty normal and part of growing up. I try really hard not to pick the pimples that come up on my face but it is almost impossible not too! 

I have to be really careful with what over the counter products I buy as some can make my skin worse than others. I think it is a matter of trying a few out before you find something that really seems to work for you. Now, when a pimple pops out, I use a spot treatment and it doesn't take long before it goes away, thank goodness!