Using antibiotics for acne treatment

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem. This means it’s really important to use antibiotics for acne responsibly so these critical medicines stay effective against many medical conditions.

Fun-in-the-sun in Australia can come with unwanted long-term health risks. Always protect your skin and get more comfortable slopping on the sunscreen.

Chemical peels are safe during isotretinoin treatment

Research has found people with acne don’t need to delay cosmetic treatments like light chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal while they’re taking oral isotretinoin (Oratane, Roaccutane).

Kleresca light treatment for acne

Light therapies for acne have come a long way. They can be used on their own or combined with a gel that becomes active once exposed to light. The latest is a biophotonic system used by Kleresca.  

Even adults can still have acne

Dermatologists have been noticing more adults, mainly women, with acne. Adult acne can be unexpected and frustrating but you can do something about it.

Acne can reduce quality of life, self-esteem and mood. Signs of distress include less interaction with peers or avoiding social situations. 

Need help to find the right products? Skin care can make a big difference to your acne so it’s important to base your decision on credible advice.

Worried about eating chocolate? Chocolate has a bad reputation for causing acne, but the evidence is mixed when deciding if it's bad for our skin. 

Both sexes get acne, but why is it more common in men? Androgens stimulate oil production and men have larger quantities from puberty onwards.