Adult acne completely changed my personality.

'To develop acne when I was 42 years old really shocked me. All of a sudden I just started to develop acne breakouts on my cheeks and chin. The acne just got worse and worse and it became really vulgar.'

I had really good skin as an adolescent and didn’t have any problems with hormonal acne when I was pregnant, so it came as a complete surprise to develop adult acne at 42! 

Leading up to the acne breakout there was no change in my skincare routine, no change in diet or any other major changes in my life that I could attribute to the acne breakout. 

Having bad acne completely changed my personality. I started not looking people in the eye when talking; instead I would look down to the ground. I stopped going out socially because I was just too embarrassed about my acne. 

Overall, I was just completely shattered about having the acne and the impact it was having on all areas of my life. 

I covered my face in make-up during the day and then at night when I would take the make-up off, the acne would really hurt. 

After suffering with the acne for a few months and trying numerous gels and lotions and antibiotics, I asked my GP for a referral to a dermatologist. 

It took a while to get an appointment with a dermatologist but it was the best thing I did. I tried a few different treatments and was then put on small doses of isotretnoin which was very good at controlling my oil glands. There have been no side effects and for me the turnaround has been amazing. 

I have been receiving comments from people about how great my skin is now looking. My self confidence has come back as my skin is now looking so much healthier and I feel a lot happier.”