Let's talk about teenage acne

Parents play a pivotal role in helping their children separate fact from fiction when it comes to acne.

So, any support and guidance you can offer your son or daughter to manage their teenage acne through diet, lifestyle, skin care, and the best use of their prescribed treatments, is very helpful.

To help discuss acne with your child, we’ve developed a few practical resources – aimed at your teen – which can also be downloaded.


Illustrations to show how that zit, pimple, cyst appears on the skin.

From blackheads to cysts, this not only covers what different types of teenage acne look like but importantly, the healthcare professionals who can help treat them.

To help prepare your teen for their visit to the doctor, we’ve compiled a few questions that your doctor or dermatologist may ask.

Finding the most appropriate ‘acne friendly’ skin care products can be a major challenge. To help you and your teen, we’ve provided our recommendations on what to look out for in a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.